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Seyi Bickersteth Scholarship Program 2023/2024 for Nigerian Students

Seyi Bickersteth Scholarship Program

Are you looking for a scholarship to study? Are you a student in Nigeria with little or no funds to pursue your A-level education? then the Seyi Bickersteth scholarship program could be a good option for you.

The application for this scholarship program has been released online for all interested students who are eligible for the scholarship award to apply. Seyi Bickersteth Scholarship is one of the most awarding scholarship schemes in Nigeria for Nigerians to study in their respective designated institutions and fields.

It is a non-government scholarship awarded by the Anderson and Leadway Assurance company limited in partnership with KPMG.

Every year, this scholarship program has been out on sale for Nigerians who show willingness and are eligible to apply. The scholarship is aimed at promoting the educational sector of Nigeria through sponsoring young Nigerians to study in the country with certain awarded fees which cover their academic expenses like tuition fees, books, accommodation, and monthly allowance to cater for their needs.

Scholarship Host

The Seyi Bickersteth Scholarship Program is an indigenous scholarship award that is hosted and carried out in Nigeria. As a private scholarship program, the Anderson & Leadway Assurance Limited Company is located in Nigeria with its headquarters and branches within the states too. All the activities of this scholarship program are carried out in Nigeria including the studies.

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Scholarship Type

Fortunately for many scholarship schemes with good pay, the Seyi Bickersteth Scholarship Program is an undergraduate scholarship granted to young Nigerian students who just graduated from secondary school and have obtained their Senior Secondary Examination Results SSCE. Under certain conditions, such students are granted the opportunity to study in any university across Nigeria.

In addition to that, the scholarship is considered a fully funded one where individuals expenses are covered timely.

Seyi Bickersteth Scholarship Award

They’re many types of benefits attached to beneficiaries of this scholarship program. Individuals who are shortlisted are entitled to enjoy the following benefits:

  • All candidates shortlisted for this scholarship program will be placed on an annual payment of Four Hundred Thousand Naira NG400,000 for the time of their studies
  • They’ll be granted summer internship opportunities during the holidays or at the time they are on National Industrial attachments
  • Candidates who are beneficiaries of this scholarship program will be open to free mentorship opportunities for their period of studies before the scholarship elapse
  • After the completion of studies, candidates are also entitled to the opportunity to work with the firms. Such candidates are eligible to work with KGPM, Leadway Assurance company, or Anderson. This is on the condition that they graduate with a First class degree or Second class upper.



All interested applicants who are eligible for this scholarship program must submit their application before the end of September 2023 (28th).

Seyi Bickersteth Scholarship Eligibility & Requirements

In order to apply for this scholarship program, individuals must meet all the following requirements mentioned below:

  • Such candidates must be a citizen of Nigeria before he/she can be eligible to apply
  • At least, every candidate should have distinctions (A & Bs) in their WASSCE for the five core or relevant subjects which includes Maths and English
  • Before applicants can be eligible to apply for the scholarship program, he or she must have not less than 230 in their Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)
  • The scholarship is only awarded to students who are already granted admission into the 100l at the time of the application
  • Interested applicants must be admitted as a full-time student in any federal university in Nigeria accredited by the NUC
  • All interested eligible candidates are to be enrolled in four years courses, specifically economics, business administration, Accounting, Finance, Actuarial Science, or Insurance.
  • The scholarship is only applicable to students who attend any public or private secondary school in Nigeria where the scholarship is also tenable
  • Such students who are to be enrolled on this scholarship scheme must not be a beneficiary of any scholarship program before he or she can be eligible for the award
  • SSCE results that are older than two years will not be considered for the scholarship award, this is to say to be eligible to apply for the 2023 scheme, your results should be either 2021 or 2023.
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How to Apply for Seyi Bickersteth Scholarship

Application for the Seyi Bickersteth Scholarship Program is currently ongoing. In order to apply for the scholarship program, individuals are to visit the official website of the Seyi Bickersteth Scholarship board and begin their application processes. All information on how to apply will be provided on the instructions page of the scholarship website. The documents to be uploaded will also be disclosed therein. You need to create an account with them and fill for the online form that will be made available on the website.

Note: While filling the form, ensure you fill in the correct information such that your names must tally with the one on your documents. Ensure you provide active contact information either email or phone number for easy communication. In case of any correction of data such as names, ensure you present an affidavit for that.

For more information about the Seyi Bickersteth Scholarship Program, you can visit their official website.


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