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NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship Program 2024/2025

Once again the NNPC/SEPLAT scholarship program is out on sale for 2024 students in all the various states and federal universities in Nigeria. Are you interested in scholarship awards? Then you can apply to be offered the NNPC/SEPLAT scholarship award.

The SEPLAT Scholarship is one of the very few oil and gas companies in Nigeria which grants various scholarship awards to Nigerian students.

As it is very apparent, the oil and gas company has been the leading sector in Nigeria in terms of scholarship awards to Nigerian students across the country. As part of their corporate need to help Nigerian students, the Seplat company is offering scholarships to Nigerian university students who do not have access to good education due to financial problems.

About NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship Program

This scholarship is offered in partnership with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Such students who will be shortlisted for this scholarship award will have a wide range of benefits attached such as payments of their tuition fee which will be covered by the lump sum funds granted by the company.

NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship Host

The NNPC/SEPLAT scholarship scheme is awarded by the Nigerian oil-producing company, Seplat to help Nigerian students by raising some funds for their academic pursuits. The company is located in Nigeria with all its board and beneficiaries within.

In addition to that, such students who are shortlisted for this scholarship award will be granted access to study within Nigeria across all regions.

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Type of Scholarship

NNPC/SEPLAT National undergraduate scholarship program as the name implies is mainly offered to students who want to pursue their undergraduate programs in any university in Nigeria (for government and private-owned universities).

NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship Requirements/Eligibility Criteria

Applicants who want to apply for the NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship program must meet the following eligibility before he/she can be approved for the award:

  • Applicants must have written and obtained their secondary school leaving results with a minimum of 5 credits in all the five relevant subjects including maths and English in one sitting
  • Applicants must be in their second year or 200l at the moment of their application or any level above
  • Individuals who want to apply for this scholarship award must have good academic performance. He/she must have at least 3.5 CGPA on a 5.0 points scale.

NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship Eligible Courses

To be eligible to apply for the NNPC/SEPLAT National undergraduate scholarship program, individuals are to be studying in any of the following courses:

  • Agriculture
  • Accountancy
  • Architectures
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Computer Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Economics
  • Computer science
  • Business administration
  • Environmental studies
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Geology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Geophysics
  • Mass Com
  • Mechanic Engineering
  • Law
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering

How to Apply for NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship Program

In order to apply for the NNPC/SEPLAT National undergraduate scholarship program, applicants begin their application processes by visiting their official website and creating a profile account.

Creating a profile involves a series of processes. Below is the breakdown step-by-step process to follow when applying for the NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship program.

Enter your personal information: After you log in to the NNPC/TOTAL scholarship application portal, You’re to enter all the necessary information about yourself in the space that will be provided for you. Simply before then read the instructions on the other page to know how to input your names.

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Additionally, you’ll include your date of birth, your permanent home address, your contact information, and a recent photograph of yourself (passport). To avoid errors in communication, you should use an active email address or phone number as the information may come at any time.

Your State of Origin: After entering your personal information and your contact details, you should proceed to enter your state of origin and the local government. You must obtain and upload a valid proof of your state of origin certificate from your local government.

Your University Information: After the above process has been completed, you’re required to select your institution of study (university) and then select your course, year of admission, and study. In the process, you’ll be directed to upload your two admission letters (both JAMB and school admission letters).

Result Information: Your results information such as JAMB score result (using your jamb statement of result) and your current CGPA. If you’re a medical student in year two, your JAMB result is sufficient.

After you’ve successfully done the above processes, you’re strongly advised to review your application form very well. Make sure you enter all the correct information for all the given spaces. All documents to be uploaded are better scanned before uploading.

NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship Application deadline

All interested candidates who want to apply for the scholarship program are to start their application upon the release of the advert. There is not any fixed time for the application release date, this is why individuals are advised to stay alert. Meanwhile, the application terminates 2 weeks time from the time of publication

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What is the NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship Program, and who is eligible to apply?

The NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship Program is a joint initiative between the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and SEPLAT Petroleum Development Company PLC. It aims to support academically outstanding but financially disadvantaged Nigerian students pursuing undergraduate studies in accredited Nigerian institutions. Eligible applicants must be full-time undergraduate students in their second year of study or above in any discipline.

How can eligible students apply for the NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship Program for the 2024/2025 academic session?

Eligible students can apply for the NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship Program through the official scholarship portal or designated application channels provided by SEPLAT Petroleum Development Company PLC. The application process typically involves submitting required documents, including academic transcripts, identification documents, and a personal statement, within the specified application period.

What criteria are used to select beneficiaries of the NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship Program?

Selection criteria for the NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship Program may include academic excellence, financial need, leadership potential, and extracurricular involvement. Additionally, applicants may be evaluated based on their commitment to community service and their alignment with SEPLAT’s corporate social responsibility objectives.

What are the benefits of being awarded the NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship?

Beneficiaries of the NNPC/SEPLAT National Undergraduate Scholarship Program receive financial support covering tuition fees, accommodation, and a stipend for living expenses throughout the duration of their undergraduate studies. Additionally, scholars may have access to mentorship opportunities, internship placements, and networking events facilitated by SEPLAT Petroleum Development Company PLC, enhancing their academic and professional development.


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