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Rivers State Scholarship – Scholarships in Rivers State

Due to the numerous oil companies in Rivers State, the state has the highest scholarship programs in Nigeria for indigenous students. More so, many of the scholarship programs are even granted to other students across the country who are eligible under certain conditions.

If you’re an indigene of River State and you’re looking forward to enrolling yourself in any high institution in Nigeria, then it is important to check out all the various scholarship schemes in Rivers State. Although the scholarship programs have different requirements and eligibility scores, all things being equal, they are many that you will be eligible to apply for. All that is expected of you is to read them thoroughly.

Apart from the fact that there are numerous government and non-government scholarship programs for undergraduate students and postgraduates in Rivers, there’s also River State government scholarship program designed mainly for its indigenes by the state government.

Rivers State Scholarship

Rivers State Scholarship
Rivers State Scholarship

No doubt, Rivers is one of the most literate states in Nigeria and this effort is due to the availability of many scholarship opportunities, poor background students who are indigenes of Rivers have been granted access to education through this means.

So as a student wishing to enroll yourself in a high institution but has no money, the best alternative to that is being hardworking. The scholarship is very competitive and individuals with the highest cumulative score will be granted.

In this article, you will learn about some of the mouth-watering scholarship schemes available for Rivers State indigenes only.

Types of Scholarships for Rivers State Students

Indigenous students of Rivers State have access to many scholarship opportunities across the country. Apart from the general eligible scholarship programs like NNPC, Shell, Agbami, and the like, some scholarships are granted to the various students in the host communities in the state.

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From all levels, students in Rivers can be awarded scholarships right from primary school, secondary school, and tertiary institutions. Moreover, there are also scholarship programs for postgraduate students. All is dependent on your ability to grab the little available opportunity.

River State Scholarship Worth

Recall that there are numerous scholarship awards for indigenous students of the state, but the award differs entirely. While some scholarships are granted on a fully funded basis, some are partially funded in bursary forms. The majority of the scholarship awards are offered to students during their entire time of study which will cover their tuition fee and stipends to maintain themselves during their studies.

Some of the prominent Rivers State Scholarship Programs

Rivers State Government Scholarship Scheme

The government of Rivers State has designed this scholarship program for its indigenous students. The scholarship award is granted to all qualified students who meet the following requirements:

  • Candidates must be a bonafide indigene of Rivers state
  • Must have obtained their Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) results with at least 5 credits including English and maths with other three relevant subjects.
  • Applicants must be full-time and registered 100l students in an accredited university in Nigeria by NUC
  • You must be studying in Rivers State, meaning you should be studying in Rivers state university, University of Port Harcourt, and other institutions within the state

The documents required for this scholarship program include:

  • State of origin certificate
  • JAMB & School admission letter
  • School fees receipt (current)
  • Name, email address, and phone number.
  • Your course of study, the year of entry, and the duration of the study.
  • School ID Card, National ID Card, Driver’s license, or an International passport.
  • Letter of recommendation from your village ruler
  • School admission letter.
  • The student must be a Pamo student.
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Shell (SPDC) Scholarship Program

Apart from the general scholarship programs offered to all eligible Nigerian students by Shell, the company also offers other scholarship awards to the indigenous students of the host communities who are eligible for the application and have met the criteria to be awarded.

Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Program

The Niger Delta states consist of Rivers State, Bayelsa State, Imo, and Delta state. The scholarship award is offered to students from the four oil-producing states to study petroleum-related fields in the UK. The scholarship is granted in partnership with these three main universities,

– Imperial College, London

– University of Leeds and

– The University of Aberdeen

The program is a 1 year awarded MSc degree. The scholarship program covers all expenses the students may likely make during their academic pursuits.

University Scholarship Program

The scholarship is run by NNPC on behalf of the NNPC/Shell/Elf/Agip Joint to help poor Nigerians to have access to good education.

The main eligibility for this scholarship award is a good SSCE result and a high JAMB score during the UTME. It is divided into National Merits Award for all Nigerians and Operation Merit Award for host communities.

AMBATECH Scholarship Board

This scholarship program offered by  Ambassador College of Management and Technology (AMBATECH) is aimed to help poor students and the handicapped who do not have access to education.

Depending on the student’s financial situation and academic performance, the scholarship could be granted as partially funded or fully funded. It is within the range of 50% to 100% as the case may be.

Cradle-to-Career Scholarship

Many poor Nigerians can have access to this scholarship opportunity. The Cradle-to-Career Scholarship program is one of the many scholarships to have contributed to the Nigerian literacy rate. It is open to Niger Deltans.

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FAQs about Rivers State Scholarship

What are the eligibility criteria for the Rivers State Scholarship?

  • To be eligible for the Rivers State Scholarship, applicants must be indigenes of Rivers State.
  • They should be enrolled in a recognized educational institution, either within or outside Rivers State.
  • Applicants must maintain a minimum academic standard set by the scholarship board.

How can I apply for the Rivers State Scholarship?

  • Applications for the Rivers State Scholarship are typically done online through the official website of the Rivers State Government or the State Scholarship Board portal.
  • Applicants need to fill out the application form accurately and provide all required documents.
  • It’s important to adhere to the application deadlines and follow any specific instructions provided by the scholarship board.

What documents are required for the Rivers State Scholarship application?

  • Generally, applicants are required to submit proof of indigeneship, such as a birth certificate or local government identification.
  • Academic transcripts or records from the current educational institution.
  • A letter of admission or acceptance from the institution of study.
  • Passport photographs and any other documents specified by the scholarship board.

How are recipients of the Rivers State Scholarship selected?

  • Selection criteria may include academic merit, financial need, and sometimes other factors such as community involvement or leadership potential.
  • The scholarship board typically reviews all applications and selects candidates based on the set criteria.
  • Shortlisted candidates may be required to undergo interviews or further assessments before final selections are made.
  • Successful applicants are notified through the contact information provided in their application.


All students who are interested in applying for any of the above-mentioned scholarship programs can visit their official website to know more information about them.

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