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How To Apply and Get International Scholarships and Foreign Jobs After University Graduation

Are you a Nigerian university graduate looking for study abroad Scholarships or Jobs?

You have come to the right place, I will guide you on How To Apply for and Get International study abroad Scholarships and foreign Jobs After your University Graduation.

Steps Involved in Getting International Study Abroad Scholarships and Foreign Jobs After University Graduation

Before Your NYSC, Get These Documents Ready

1. Get your statement of results
2. Request for your academic transcript or download the one on your portal and merge to PDF.
3. Request for proof of English as a language of instruction in your university (letter from registrar’s office).
4. Ensure that you have a good relationship with at least 3 lecturers.

Done and dusted is dangerous!!!!
You are not done until you are done.

During NYSC, Do These!

1. Write standardized exams in line with your next phase of life (GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, etc)

Note: The US embassy in Nigeria funds some of these through the opportunity fund program.

2. Explore professional training and certifications (ICAN, NIM etc).

3. Do not ignore the opportunity to Intern (research assistantship, Ass. QC analysts etc).

4. Explore Opportunities (some described below).

A. Apply For These Scholarships

Local: BEA, OFP (Us embassy), NNPC, Shell etc.

Regional: Pan African University Scholarship etc.

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International: Chevening, commonwealth, MasterCard etc.

Institutional: Vice Chancellor scholarships, sports or arts scholarship etc.

NOTE: If an International scholarship is your choice, no one needs your NYSC certificate before you can start applying.

B. Available Grants

Regional: Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant.

International: Geneva Challenge.

C. Fellowships (No international trip during NYSC, don’t forget)

D. Conferences (No international trip during NYSC don’t forget)

5. Let your CDS contribution be remarkable (a recommendation letter acknowledging your role will be important).

6. Don’t run with the multitude, realities after NYSC differ.

7. Don’t be under pressure (After NYSC what Next???), You may hasten yourself to many errors.

8. Grow yourself in Welcoming rejections, you may get a few while applying.

9. Apply as much as you can

10. Pray as much as you can.

Note: Create two CVs (one academic and one general). It helps to maximize your applications.

After Your NYSC

If you haven’t accomplished any of the above,

1. Be truthful to yourself (Are you willing to stay in the state of deployment or go back home?)

2. Resist pressure (Being alive is more important than anything else, don’t let anyone overpush you).

3. Develop a mindset that no one owes you anything (It helps in managing disappointment).

4. Identify platforms where legal opportunities are shared.

A. LinkedIn
B. Twitter
C. Opportunity desk
D. Opportunity for Africans
E. Scholarship hub.

5. While applying and waiting, get yourself busy

1. Write a manuscript from your undergraduate project
2. Submit conference abstracts
3. Register with an organisation (volunteer) and start gathering experience.
4. Start learning a hands-on skill that you may need later in life. It could also be digital training in Bioinformatics, data science, AI, ML, Coding, Programming, etc.

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Top 5 Questions I have received so far on Getting Admission Abroad and Applying for Study Abroad Scholarships and Answers!

Can you tell me what I can do with a 3rd class?

A 3rd class is a confirmation of completion of a degree, don’t bin it yet. There are many universities that accept 3rd class certificates for master’s degrees abroad.

Can you tell me what an academic CV Looks like?

Yes, but it has to be supported with either pictures or videos for clarity. For now, the times are occupied. If God permits, maybe on my next post!

How do I start my scholarship application process?

Get your academic documents first, the requirements are listed here. You can start your scholarship application here by choosing the particular scholarship you are interested in.

Who is responsible for providing my proof of English as a language of Instruction, ministry of education?

It is the registry of your university, and it is usually free. You can contact them for the procedure.

I am currently applying but I only have 1 person out of the three required to write my reference letter, what can I do?

The following could help; your HOD, Level advisor, project supervisor, staff of the department, Supervisor during SIWES, and head of attached unit at NYSC (It requires some relationships though).


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