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UK Universities that Accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters in 2024

Listed in this article are the best universities in the UK that accept HND certificates and 3rd class for Masters.

Are you a student who has achieved a Third Class degree? Do you want to study Master’s at any UK university, but are worried that this could affect your admission chances? Well, don’t panic. Many UK universities accept 3rd class for Masters programmes in the UK. If you are thinking about moving from Ireland to the UK, but you heard that you would be penalised for achieving a Third Class degree here, worry no more.

If you’re wondering whether you can get into a UK university with a third-class degree, we’ve put together a list of UK universities that accept third-class degrees for master’s programs.

A student asked me this important question seeking advice on his pursuit of Master’s degree in the UK as a 3rd class degree holder;

I am a 4th year student that is looking to go and study abroad next year and I have a question regarding getting into the University of Edinburgh with a third class degree. They require me to have a 2.1 or above, but I am not able to achieve that in my final year due to the fact that it will be my last semester. My question is will they still accept me if I have achieved a mere third class? Thank you for your time and assistance

If you are looking for a great university in the UK and got a third-class degree (C) expect to gain entry into any of the three universities mentioned. These institutions accept 3rd class degrees in their undergraduate courses, but they do not offer postgraduate courses where this is required, so you will be excluded from studying those programs with lesser grades.

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List of UK Universities that accept HND and 3rd class for Masters in 2024

1. Swansea University

2. University of Essex

3. University of Plymouth

4. University of South Wales

5. University of Hertfordshire

6. University of South Wales

7. Edinburgh Napier University

8. University of Suffolk

9. Buckinghamshire New University

10. London Metropolitan University

11. University College Birmingham

12. Solent University

13. Robert Gordon University

14. University of Sunderland

15. Sheffield Hallam University

16. Roehampton University

17. Bedfordshire University

18. UWE Bristol

19. Salford University

20. Cardiff Metropolitan

There are numerous fully funded scholarships in the UK available for international students for their undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD degrees in UK Universities. We have compiled these Scholarships Here.

Also, there are Schools, Colleges, and Universities in Canada that accept HND, Third Class, and Second Class For Master’s Degrees.

FAQs on UK Universities Accepting HND Certificates and 3rd Class Degrees for Masters in 2024

Can I pursue a Master’s degree in the UK with an HND certificate?

Yes, many UK universities accept Higher National Diploma (HND) certificates as qualifications for admission into Master’s degree programs. However, the acceptance criteria may vary between universities and specific programs, so it’s essential to check the entry requirements of the universities and programs you’re interested in.

Will UK universities consider applicants with a third-class bachelor’s degree for Master’s programs?

Yes, some UK universities do consider applicants with a third-class (or lower second-class) bachelor’s degree for admission into Master’s programs. However, acceptance may depend on various factors such as the relevance of the bachelor’s degree to the desired Master’s program, work experience, recommendation letters, and performance in any required entrance exams.

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Are there specific universities in the UK known for accepting HND certificates and third-class degrees for Master’s programs?

While acceptance policies can vary between universities and even between departments within the same university, some institutions are generally more flexible in their admissions criteria. Universities such as the University of Westminster, London Metropolitan University, and the University of Greenwich have been known to consider applicants with HND certificates and third-class degrees for certain Master’s programs.

What steps can I take to improve my chances of admission with an HND certificate or third-class degree?

To enhance your chances of admission into a Master’s program in the UK with an HND certificate or third-class degree, consider the following steps:

  • Research universities and programs that have a history of accepting such qualifications.
  • Highlight any relevant work experience, internships, or professional certifications that demonstrate your readiness for the Master’s program.
  • Write a compelling personal statement that explains why you are passionate about the field of study and how your previous academic or professional experiences have prepared you for the program.
  • Obtain strong recommendation letters from professors, employers, or supervisors who can attest to your academic abilities or work ethic.
  • If necessary, consider taking additional courses or exams to demonstrate your academic proficiency or improve specific skills relevant to your desired Master’s program.


Attending university in the UK can be a dream come true for many international students, but third-class and HND certificates can make it difficult for some international students to gain admission. However, many affordable universities in the UK accept third-class and HND certificates for Masters in the UK.

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The UK is well known for having strong higher education and providing a platform for world-class scholarship and research. The University sector in the UK has a large part to play in this, but many of its graduates are not up to scratch. Our universities report that students are finding it increasingly difficult to gain admission for a postgraduate course, even if they have already obtained their undergraduate degrees.

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