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Requirements/Documents Needed for Scholarship Application in Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Europe, Asia

Are you searching for the requirements for applying for foreign scholarships? Do you need to know the documents required for the application for foreign scholarships?

Check out the To-do Lists for Anyone Interested in Foreign Scholarships.

These are the requirements and documents needed for Scholarship Applications in Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Europe, and Asian Countries

1. Get an International passport


3. Talk to your past lecturers about recommendation letters (This is usually the hardest)

4. Get your undergraduate transcript from your school.

5. Look for schools that offer your course (Check pinned tweet 10)

6. Write Academic CV

7. Send emails to Professors (Check pinned tweets 5-8)

8. If you have HND or 2 2, do WES evaluation (Check pinned tweet 16)

9. Write SOP/Motivation letter, etc  

10. Apply to as many public scholarships as possible.

11. Make sure you secure a supervisor before you apply to that school or be sure you meet all admission requirements.

12. Some schools (especially in the USA) do not require that you secure a supervisor, hence make sure your application package is competitive.

13. Pray, Work hard, and Network.

Also, note that Some schools in Canada don’t require IELTS. You can relocate within a year. Get to work, you need help, ask someone.

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Must the transcript be addressed to the school you are applying to?

No, Get a student copy which shouldn’t cost you much and also allows you to apply to various universities as much as you like.

Do foreign schools accept students’ copies?

You can always read through the school’s website for required documents. But to the best of my knowledge and to what have seen so far, I think most schools accept that. And don’t get me wrong please, your official transcript will be requested later on.

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