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African Continent Scholarship Program

African Continent Scholarship Program

Are you looking for a scholarship program to study? Are you interested in studying abroad? Then hurry up now and apply for the African continent scholarship program.

The African continent scholarship program is an initiative created mainly for students from all the various African countries to study. Individuals who are national of Africa no matter their country of national are eligible to proceed with their application for this scholarship program.

The scholarship program is established with the aim to help African students who do not have access to a good education study abroad. It is also part of the thought to help Africans to live and explore other cultures, particularly in Canada. Virtually the African continent scholarship program is awarded to the beneficiaries to study in Niagara College Canada.

For every academic session, the scholarship board will open the application portal for all the eligible candidates to apply. With many beneficiaries across the African continent, one would not question the flexibility of this scholarship scheme.

African Continent Scholarship Program
African Continent Scholarship Program

Scholarship Host country

Recall that shortlisted applicants of this scholarship program are enrolled in Niagara College Canada, individuals are therefore hosted in Canada to study under this scholarship scheme for their period of stay.

Scholarship Type

The African continent scholarship program is established mainly for students who finished their elementary school and wants to further their education in higher institution. This means that It is granted mainly to undergraduate students in the various designated fields.

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The scholarship program is also a fully funded one. If you’re fortunate to be shortlisted for this scholarship award, all you are required to do is beginning your packing. All types of payments including flight, medical insurance, tuition fees, and maintenance will be covered by the scholarship.

Award for this scholarship

Winners of this scholarship will be paid in a lump sum. That is if you are shortlisted for this scholarship award, you’ll be paid yearly but in semester division. The amount is $2,000 yearly and it is shared between the two semesters. $1,000 for the first semester and $1,000 for the second semester. The scholarship will continue for the whole time as far as individuals continue to beat 80% plus average.

The number of applicants to be selected is not specified, however, one should be aware that it is a competitive scholarship program in order to prepare very well.

Eligibility for this Scholarship Award

  • In order to be eligible for the African continent scholarship program, you must be a resident of any African country and should be admitted to an NC academic program towards the coming year
  • Your application must include a recent transcript
  • Proof of English Proficiency (if applicable). This is because you must be good in the English language both in writing, reading, and speaking before you can study in Canada
  • You must have completed the application form before the first day of classes

Applying for the Scholarship Program

If you want to apply for the scholarship program, then you can proceed to their official website to begin your application. All the processes of this scholarship application are done and completed online there.

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For more information about the African continent scholarship program, you can visit the website of the scholarship board.

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