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The Government of Poland Scholarship for International Students

The Government of Poland Scholarship Scheme

The government of Poland through the Lukasiewicz scholarship program is offering full grade scholarships to Students from developing countries. If you’re interested in studying in Poland then you can read through the contents to know if you’re eligible to apply or not.

The government of Poland wished to announce to the general public that the application for the 2020/21 candidates is out and individuals can therefore begin their application processes. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland in collaboration with the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland has been in the service of granting this scholarship scheme to developing countries for decades now.

Such a scholarship offers international students the opportunity to study for their second degree in Polish universities and to explore the beauty and cultures of the country. The designated fields under this scholarship scheme include technical education, engineering, life science, and agriculture.

The scholarship is aimed to increase the educational level of the developing countries and as well raise their socio-economic growth through adequate learning and exposure. Individuals of such eligible countries will be sponsored to learn and stay in Poland for their time of study on a fully-funded scholarship basis.


The scholarship is awarded to interested applicants who want to complete their second degree in any Polish university. Such individuals must be willing to relocate for their time of the study. However, the application for the scholarship takes place in your respective home country.

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Scholarship Type

The Lukasiewicz scholarship program offered by the government of Poland is a fully-funded scholarship scheme offered to citizens of developing countries to study on a fully funded basis. Such offers include free tuition fees in the designated university, book allowance, accommodation, free medical insurance, and monthly or sessional stipends for maintenance which includes feeding and other miscellaneous expenses. Also, the offer is mainly granted to intending students who want to pursue their master’s degree.

Eligible countries for the Government of Poland Scholarship Award

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government of Poland scholarship scheme for developing countries is granted to the following nationals; Nigeria, Colombia, Ethiopia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, South Africa Mexico, Myanmar, Uganda, Vietnam, Palestine, Peru Senegal, Tanzania Angola.


It is also granted to other countries under the Official Development Assistance with the exception of few developed countries among them. This scholarship program is excluded from European and Central Asian countries too.

Requirements and Eligibility for the Government of Poland Scholarship Program

  • Such students must be citizens of eligible developing countries and did not apply for Polish citizenship status. Also, he/she must not be a permanent resident or having any resident status in Poland before he/she can be eligible to apply
  • Such students who want to apply for this scholarship scheme must have obtained a first degree not earlier than 2017 from their country of residence, or that such applicants should be in their final year in their academic studies (first degree) during their time of application under the designated fields.
  • Candidates have not obtained a master’s degree certificate unless they recognize two-staged system of studies, then such candidates who have certificate not less than 2017 or that they’re in their final year will be considered
  • Such students who are pursuing their second degree will not be considered for the scholarship award as part of application conditions
  • Candidates who wish to apply for this scholarship award must be recommended by the provost of their higher education school
  • Such students must have good academic performance with excellent results. The CPGA benchmark for this scholarship award is 4.75 or anything higher
  • Candidates must also be good in their command of English language communication skills. Individuals who are assessed for this scholarship scheme must have at least B2 with an indicated document in point 2.5 of these regulations.
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Application Deadline

If you’re looking forward to applying for this scholarship scheme, then you must be punctual to submit your application no later than 16th march 2020 for the 2020 application.

How to Apply

Application for the NAWA scholarship scheme is mainly done and completed online. Individuals who are interested in applying for this scholarship program are advised to visit the website of the government of Poland scholarship board and begin their application processes. All other information regarding the application such as the documents to be uploaded and the guidelines for the application is written on the webpage.

For more information regarding the government of Poland scholarship scheme, you can visit their recommended website.

Benefits attached to this scholarship scheme

The breakdown includes:

– The sum of PLN 1500 per month for second-cycle program students or to students who are participants of the Poland preparatory courses

– Additional PLN 500 increment in the first year as part of Poland studies starting out

– An additional PLN 500 increment in the last month of the final year to cover the thesis works

– In some cases of unforeseen circumstances, the director of the NAWA after a written request can grant an additional PLN 500.

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