University of Stirling Postgraduate Scholarship Program

University of Stirling Postgraduate Scholarship Program

Scholarships in Nigeria are of different types according to individual levels and their fields of study. If you’re looking for a scholarship to further your undergraduate program, they’re numerous scholarships for that likewise for postgraduate levels.

The University of Stirling scholarship is designed mainly for Nigerian students who are interested to pursue their postgraduate courses outside the country, particularly at the University of Stirling.

The university for long has been one of the best harbors for many Nigerian students as it grants a whopping amount of money as tuition fees for the students.

Scholarship Type

The University of Stirling Postgraduate scholarship Program is quite different from many others. The scholarship is a partly funded one I.e individuals are given the sum of £4,000 tuition fee waiver which covers some percentage of the tuition fees.

Scholarship Reward

Unlike many other types of scholarships, the University of Stirling program offers a certain amount of money (£4,000 tuition fee waiver) for Nigerian students who are funding themselves to study in the university.


Individuals, before they can be qualified to apply for this scholarship program, are to meet up with many eligibilities, they are:

  • Applicants must apply and receive a conditional or unconditional admission acceptance at the University of Stirling such that the applicants are aspirants of any of the taught courses in the university
  • You must be classed as a foreign student for tuition fee purposes.
  • Applicants must be either a Nigerian or he or she must be living as a resident of Nigeria at the time of the application to be eligible
  • Applicants who are applying for the University of Stirling postgraduate scholarship must be registered as a full-time student on the university campus
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Individuals cannot benefit from more than one university of Stirling scholarship award. Applicants who are already enrolled in one of the scholarships should not bother to apply for any again. In the case they’re offered two, the higher paid offer will be chosen and considered for payments.

How to Apply for the University of Stirling Postgraduate Scholarship Program

Individuals who want to be awarded for the University of Stirling scholarship program are not required to go through a lot of processes. The basis of the requirements after being offered admission into the university is that you should be a Nigerian. You will be identified and granted the payments automatically without any special application.

Scholarship Deadlines

The application for the University of Stirling postgraduate scholarship program starts January 2022 until 3 weeks after the publications.

For more information about the University of Stirling scholarship program, you can visit the university’s website and then click on the scholarship page or visit their social media handles.

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