How Much Is Canada Visa Fee?

Canadian visa fee solely depends on the type of Visa you are applying for. Each type of visa has their separate fee. In this article, we shall unveil the Canadian visa fee.

what is the Price for Canada Visa?

Any Canada visa application must pay a certain amount to the Canada Consulate. The Canada visa fee must be credited to the bank before applying to the Canada visa application center for a Canada visa. Visa fees for Canada change depending on the type of visa you wish to apply for. Therefore, you need to determine the most suitable visa type for your trip and pay the visa fee accordingly.

Because of Canada’s visa process changes by visa type, the amount to be paid must be learned well.

Where should the Canada visa fees be paid?

Previously, the Canada visa fees were deposited in the bank account of the Canadian Embassy in Ankara. However, since 2017, the Embassy of Canada in Ankara started to allocate this transaction online. You can visit  to pay for a Canada visa. This site is the official site of the Government of Canada (IRCC). After clicking the “Immigration and Citizenship” button on the site, you should click “PAY YOUR FEES” under the and Services and information. After clicking on the “Pay your fees” button, you get a question to be asked from the country from which you will pay. You will also be asked what kind of processing fee you will pay. You must answer these questions correctly. For example; The first question to you, if you are paying from Turkey, you need to select the “Turkey” option. If you want to pay a visa fee for a touristic trip, you should mark the second question as “Temporary Residence”. After answering these questions you will be asked a third question. Generally, the options of this question change according to your answer in Question

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Touristic travel visas must pay for the “Visitor visa (including super visa)” option. The work permit should be selected for a short-term study visa and the study permit should be selected for the short-term student visa.

After these steps, you get any information about how much fee you need to pay, on screen.

Considerations Before Paying Online Payment

A few warnings will appear before you pay the Canada visa fee. These warnings are:

  • You must get the receipt of the payment and you must keep it in your documents during your application. The receipt is very important as it will confirm that you have paid for the visa application.
  • If you have marked the visa type incorrectly and paid the wrong amount, the visa process won’t be initiated if you indicate a mistake. Your money cannot be refunded if the application is initiated.
  • If an incorrect payment is made, if more money is paid there is no refund will be made.
  • It is accepted in electronic files as a receipt.

Fee Deposit of Canada Visa, Online Payment

Before you can pay online for a Canada visa, you must create an account on your behalf. After creating an account and logging in, you can make your online visa fee payment.

Once you have created and logged into your account, you must have your credit card or bank card ready. There is no method other than using a credit or debit card to pay an online Canada visa fee.

After the application fee is paid

After the Canada visa application fee has been paid, you will need to print the page showing that you are paying. This document will be proof that you are paid for the application process.

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After you print your receipt, you can contact the visa application centers authorized by the Canadian Consulate and you can start the application process with your receipt. Visa application centers authorized by the Canada Consulate aren’t advisory centers like Visa Center, they don’t help you during your application.

The Visa Center is a visa consultancy company and it is here to help you with any visa application.

How Much Is Canadian Visa Fee?

Every person wishing to travel to Canada is required to deposit their visa fees before they can get a visa. Visa fee deposit is the first stage of visa procedures. Canada visa fees are required and will change depending on the type of visa the applicant will choose for travel purposes. Visa fees for Canada must be paid in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Short-Term Visa Application Fees

The fee for the short-term nonimmigrant visa types is 100 CAD (Canadian Dollars). The Biometric Transaction Registration Fee for these visa types is 85 CAD. The consultancy fee is 86 USD (US Dollars).

Biometric Transaction Registration Fee is the fee for fingerprint receipt and digital photo to be taken at the application appointment. (2 biometric photographs requested in the application are different from this photograph and are mandatory.)

If you are applying as a Family (5 people or more) you will be required to pay 500 CAD visa fees. In this case, family members must apply at the same time and from the same place.

If a Family (2 persons and more) Biometric Transaction Registration Fee will be 100 CAD

Long-Term Visa Application Fees

The fee for long-term education visa applications is 150 CAD. Biometric Transaction Registration Fee is determined as 85 CAD. The consultancy Service Fee is 99 USD.

Long-term Canada visa applications aren’t made by the Visa Center. You can easily learn long-term Canada visa fees for IRCC by visiting  and following the steps detailed above. A separate fee applies for each visa type. You can find the most detailed information at

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What is the visa application fee for traveling to Canada?

The visa application fee for traveling to Canada varies depending on the type of visa you are applying for and your nationality. Generally, the fee for a visitor visa (also known as a temporary resident visa) is CAD $100. However, fees may differ for other types of visas, such as study permits, work permits, or permanent residency applications.

Are there additional fees associated with the Canada visa application process?

Yes, there may be additional fees associated with the Canada visa application process. These fees could include biometric fees (if applicable), fees for medical examinations (if required), fees for obtaining police clearance certificates, and fees for courier services (if you choose to use them to submit your application or receive your passport).

Are there any exemptions or reduced fees for certain applicants?

Yes, there are exemptions or reduced fees for certain applicants. For example:

Some applicants, such as those applying for a study permit or work permit as a minor (under 18 years old), may be exempt from paying the visa application fee.

Certain individuals, such as refugees or protected persons, may be exempt from paying certain fees or may qualify for fee waivers.

Some countries have agreements with Canada that allow for reduced fees or exemptions for certain types of visas.

How can I pay the Canada visa application fee?

The Canada visa application fee can usually be paid online using a credit card or debit card through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. In some cases, alternative payment methods may be available, such as bank drafts or money orders. It’s important to follow the instructions provided by IRCC regarding payment methods and ensure that you pay the correct amount in the correct current


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